Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My Current Priorities

I love a new month; I love the fact that it brings new things but it also gives me time to refocus on other things in my life. As a wife and mother life can get a little hectic, not unusual for most these days. Today, I want to share with you what my priorities are right now...

  1. My Time | saying no to lots of things that I don't are important. I have always felt like I am obligated to say yes to everything and lately I realized I don't. My time is really important to me and so is my kids time. 
  2. Me | I am spending more time focusing on myself, eating healthier, and taking care of myself on a more personal level rather than letting myself go and focusing on everyone else around me.
  3. My Blog | while I am not a full time blogger nor do I have a niche when it comes to writing, my blog is important to me for self growth purposes and journaling things down. I am spending more time writing things not only for myself but for you too.
  4. Money | focusing more on what I really want to purchase whether it be small or big; but making healthier money choices.
  5. Being Present | being more present in my day to day; focusing on the now rather than the later. 
What are you priorities right now in your life?

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