Monday, February 22, 2016

On Complimenting | A Boost In The Esteem Department

It's 9:54 in the morning.

I pull into the parking spot right outside the eye doctor's office; I notice as I'm pulling into the spot that apparently my eye doctors office is right beside the building that no so long ago tragedy hit. I keep those thoughts to myself as my four year old wiggles around in his seat and asks if I have to get a shot in my eye.

Of course not I tell him, that would hurt really bad. We walk hand in hand to the big silver doors and thoughts of making it through this appointment without a bathroom break flood my mind which immediately makes me make a pit stop at the bathroom.

We do our business, wash hands, and go check in through the big wooden door to my appointment.

The blonde lady at the desk is on the phone, so I wait for a moment and fill out a few forms. Its been over a year since my last eye exam so of course I had to update a few things. Oliver is amazed at those odd clear bricks they put in the office wall, he's thinking about hiding behind them. 

Once the lady is off the phone I hand her my information, she checks me in, and stares at me for a minute...She says "I really, really love your eye makeup; your eyes are gorgeous." Stunned I reply with a thank you and tell her what I used. As I walk away with my self esteem a bit boosted I wonder how many people really get compliments throughout their days.

I work in a mans world; really its literally a mans world, a transmission and auto shop that we own, I am the only woman there for about six hours a day. I pretty much do anything that involves being a secretary and maid. I handle all the office stuff and clean the main office areas and break room. I meet people all day long every single day. I've had a handful compliment me, and I've complimented others. One of my favorite compliments is on how nice the office smells when people walk in. I always try and have a candle going and change the air fresheners regularly because if not, the whole place smells like oil, grease, and whatever else comes from the vehicles we work on that day. Its nice that someone notices my efforts. However, have you ever really sat and thought about how much you could really boost someone up by just giving them a compliment?

Not just on their appearance, but on their work skills, personality, manners, ethics, etc? A guy I work with really can cook, I mean can really cook, he makes some of the best food I've ever had; his leftovers always smell so great and I always comment on them, I know it boosts his esteem because he gets to talking about the food and sharing his thoughts on cooking with me. Another guy I work with is really polite, he is probably one of the most well mannered people I've ever met, he's also the new guy, which means he need encouragement on his skills, so telling him he did a great job today always makes him proud of himself. The other guy I work with I am lucky enough to be married to, I like to compliment him the most, naturally; he is great at his job and seems to enjoy it as well which breathes into others who step through our doors.

Think of your co-workers, mail person, the lady at the drive through when you get your lunch, whomever you come in contact with that day, challenge yourself to say something nice to them or about them for a week, see how much better you feel because you shared some sweet thoughts and how much brighter you made their day because you took two seconds to say something nice to them.

"Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, a honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around." Leo Buscaglia

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