Monday, February 29, 2016

What I Find Interesting About People

Its odd, I know, but, I like to watch people. I find people fascinating, watching how they do something particular, how they speak, gestures they make, and looks they have on their faces is just amusing to me.

Since my job requires meeting new people on a daily basis, I people watch all day long; and here's what I find most interesting...

Clothing | This is the first thing I see on a person when they walk in; I always find it interesting what kind of clothing a person wears because its a expression of their personality. I have seen people who come in fully dressed to the 9s and people who come in looking like they just went muddin'. Clothing is a complete way of expressing yourself without saying a single word.

Accents | This would be the second thing I notice because, well, once you hit the counter I am who you talk to. I love hearing people speak and thinking about where they are from. I get the whole Texas thing but really I was born and raised in North Carolina; I think its neat to hear people say things like soda or pop because I have always referenced a drink by its name like Pepsi or Coke. I just think its neat to hear other accents besides my own.

Reactions | I have clients who come in and want to tell you all sorts of stories. I love watching people share something about their life or something that happened to them, its fun to see how they share their emotions and do all sorts of gestures when they share. Its like watching a play in person without having to buy tickets.

Eating | I love going out to eat dinner with my babe and watching other tables around us. You'll have that new couple who are on a date, that married couple who got a night away from kids, the family who looks a little frazzled, or the older couple who are still romancing each other. It's neat to see different generations all the same place basically doing the same thing. I always want to be a fly on the wall and hear what they are talking about...

Children | I think children are such interesting people; they find the most amusement in nothing, can create things from nothing, and have the best stories in the world. See if adults kept their imaginations from childhood and could be stress free all the time, I think life would be better all around. My four year old likes to take a tiny pocket screw driver and stick on the doors at the shop, he finds it awesome that it sticks there without falling. To me its just a screw driver that if it falls near metal will stick; thing is with my kid putting it on the door you have to watch out for it or you'll poke your eye out...He also loves making things from sticks, his imagination just runs wild; he made a train from crayons when we ate out over the weekend too.

I honestly think people are just fascinating; we all have our own story in life and can create such amazing moments in our lives, don't leave a possible friend out!

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