Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Glimmer Girls: London Art Chase | Natalie Grant | BookLook Bloggers Review

This is a new series called Glimmer Girls: London Art Chase; this particular book is about three sisters named Lulu whose six, Maddie, and Mia who are twin ten year olds. Their mom is a singer who has to go to London for some events and whole they are there the girls are hanging out with their nanny learning and browsing around London. The book does include interesting facts about London, while still keeping it a mystery. The story focuses on a stolen painting and the girls decided they are going to save the day. By the end of the book the girls in fact catch the thief and all is well. However, like most other reviewers, I did have an issue with Maddie sneaking out of the hotel; while I realize this is a story, I think for the ages its geared for the book could have done without that part. The book also doesn't tell you what her consequence is for her action, it just states that her parents are going to discuss it and basically get back to her on that after they go have ice cream.

The book is a paperback, it has a very catching cover for girls, and its written in short chapters within 205 pages. I think this is going to a great series for tween girls these days, its pretty much what I like to call a "safe" book meaning its on my list of good reads for my daughter. I would recommend this book for girls eight to say twelve, the book does mention praying, and talking to God, so it is written from a Christian perspective but doesn't overdo it, so just keep that in mind.

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