Thursday, March 31, 2016

Happy Birthday To Me! | 28 Things I've Learned Over The Last 28 Years

Today is my 28th Birthday you guys! To be honest here, I am happy to be getting older; I am so beyond happy at this point in my life and how life is going that I am excited to see whats next. Today I wanted to share 28 things I've learned over the past 28 years, some might be helpful.

  1. You will always always always turn into your mother. There really is just no stopping it, you will find yourself saying things or doing things the exact way they do and there's nothing you can do about it. I make faces in the car at while driving {road rage much?!} and know that the face is my mother and it freaks me out every single time. 
  2. Exercise is important. I am not saying to turn into a gym rat but lets be real here, take a stroll around your neighborhood or visit a park for once. Trust me when you have babies you will learn why this is so important. 
  3. Speaking of babies, cherish your pre-baby body. Once you have those precious heart melting beings your body dumps you like that guy who just texts you to end things instead of in person. 
  4. Learn the ways of money. Budgets are important for your future and happiness.
  5. Motherhood is the hardest "job" you will ever have but, the most fulfilling. Nuff said. 
  6. Bright eye shadow is never in, EVER!
  7. Always wear your earrings, mascara, and some lipstick. You will feel better.
  8. Stick with your style whatever it be. I'm a jeans and tee girl who loves flip flops and canvas flats. That's me, that's what I like. I couldn't save my life walking in heels, I'd kill myself from falling. 
  9. Music feeds the soul. Figure out what you like and LOVE it. It will make you feel so much better...
  10. You have to clean out your car. I hate cleaning my car out, not the toys and such but actually vacuuming it. However, when I do, I always feel like its brand new. 
  11. Invest in a good bra. If you are a woman, no matter how small or big your chest is, invest in a bra that actually fits. You will feel like a new woman.
  12. Never be afraid of the clearance sections. I have found some of my favorite things in the clearance sections from my favorite stores, Target being the main one on that list. 
  13. It's OK to not follow the trends. Like I said in #6 and #8 just be you, trends come and go every single day, so figure out what you like and run with it. 
  14. Hair is VERY important. Whether short or long it's one of those things that make you, you. For me, I need my hair able to be in a pony tail, bun, or braided; so short is not it for me. 
  15. Mind what you say. Once its out you cannot take it back. 
  16. Don't be afraid of color. I am a person who loves anything in the black genre, however I recently found a sage green shirt and a berry shade shirt and love them.
  17. A woman CAN do a mans job. We own a business, a Transmission & Auto shop to be exact. I don't just sit in the office, some days I actually help out when they need a hand and I leave almost as gross as the guys do. I love learning, so I learn about cars all day from two of the best teachers around...
  18. Show your personality. I was a complete goof growing up, and then once I got married and had kids I kinda lost that bit about me; however, recently I have found it again and I am loving it. I love jokes and don't mind being picked on either. Its all fun to me. 
  19. Less is more. Less will always be more, the less you have the happier you are and the less you have to deal with.
  20. Learn to love the outdoors through every season. I hate hot days, only because we have no AC however, I love the warmth of the sun and the nights filled with roasting marshmallows full of stories and memories. Its so freeing to the soul.
  21. It's OK to sip coffee alone. I love having coffee all to myself in the wee hours of the night or early mornings. I can just sit and listen to absolutely nothing. 
  22. Compliments really are the best thing ever! They really are, you can make someones day just by complimenting them, and its a win win because it makes you feel fuzzy on the inside too.
  23. Magazines are a girls best friend. I love reading magazines, they are great for tips hacks, stories, home stuff, beauty tips, etc...they help me pass the nights when Jim is working late, did I mention the smell of a fresh pressed magazine, we need to candle that one.
  24. Speaking of candles, buy candles any chance you get, instant mood changer!
  25. Always clean your bathrooms. That's the one place when someone is coming over that MUST be cleaned, and if you clean them regularly, then when someone unexpectedly shows up you can do a short cleanup of the living area and be done. 
  26. Toss junk you don't need, want, or use anymore. If you go over your stuff quarterly when the seasons change you will find that you can clear some serious clutter from your closet or beauty stash or whatever stash you may have around your house. 
  27. Get into a sleep routine. Yes you, that adult sitting in front of the screen. It will work wonders for your sleep session and health as well. 
  28. Celebrate your birthday. Yep, celebrate your birthday no matter how old you get. Its the one day you can have all to yourself or with the people you love to celebrate you.

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