Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Jobs I Just Couldn't Do

I am blessed with owning a business; thankfully. I pretty much set my own hours, and do as I please. I love it. However, I do think about working somewhere else later in life, just to venture. I have this list of jobs that I just couldn't see myself doing, like a only in an extreme circumstance could I work these jobs.

Anything involving death; I just cannot handle seeing someone or an animal die. I could totally deal with the after effects of a body but I cannot watch while they take their last breath. My heart would just explode from sadness. So, pretty much everything in the medical, or veterinarian fields is out, I also think this involves being a police officer or firemen.

Dental | Uh well, you see I sit far enough away from clients at work and don't have to be up close and personal with breath. I don't think I could handle dealing with breath all day up close and personal. I don't like smelling it, feeling it, or hearing it.

Anything in food preparation; I like to eat, food is amazing to me. I also like to grab lunch and dinner sometimes and well, I just cannot work at a place where I know what happens in the kitchen. I am 95% sure if I did this I would end up starving to death. 

Transportation; I hate driving, I mean I do it every single day but I don't think I could handle being a taxi driver, uber driver, bus driver, etc...That's a lot of people each day who put their life in your hands to get from place to place and heaven forbid anything happen. I would never forgive myself. 

Public Speaking | I don't see myself being a public speaker, I get so nervous I break out in hives when you put me in front of a group of people. 

Childcare Worker or Teacher | While I like to babysit, I don't think I could handle teaching lots of little people all day long; I like to stay somewhat clean and sick free too.

Retail | While what we do is somewhat retail related, I couldn't work at a chain store like Wal-Mart, Target, Staples, The Mall, etc...I like people but I feel like I would be overwhelmed in those situations, not to mention I suck at math so no go on anything that doesn't have a calculator.  

Bridal Store | I'm sorry but, have you seen a bride or been a bride?! Enough said. Just not my cup of tea. 

Anything that requires a lot of memorization | I'm a mom, I multi task all day long, however, I feel like if I had to memorize 7 tables of orders at a restaurant, or be a historian that's just a lot of things my mind cannot handle, I also don't like a lot of rules so basically I want to be in charge of it all without having to remember a ton of things. After four kids and a dog and I think my short term memory is a little off these days.

Customer Service Operator | I couldn't handle being yelled all day or trying to teach someone how to operate something over the phone; I'm sure they have tons of stories but I would be fired for yelling back. 

Uniform Required Job | Unflattering and Impersonal; I want to express myself through my clothing and makeup, I am a woman of course; I could not deal with wearing the same thing to work every single day and looking like everyone else that works there. I like my sweaters, leggings, flip flops, and pony tails too much for that mess. 

Just for fun, what jobs couldn't you handle?

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