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My Thoughts on This Whole Kim K Thing

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If you have went onto any form of social media this week, you most likely either seen the photo Kim posted or heard about it. I'm going to preface this post by saying that I have never been a Kardashian fan; I don't really understand why they are in the spotlight other than that their father worked the OJ case and it was really in the spotlight. I mean they are not celebrities per se, they aren't in movies, and they are not musicians; so basically they are in the spotlight for their looks and because they have money. I have never watched or cared to watch their reality show either, nor do I personally follow them on any form of social media.

Now with that out of the way...

I seen the photo after hearing so much response about it, over at Brit + Co on a post they did regarding her response to the backlash.

Here are my thoughts.

#1 Kim is a grown woman; what she does with her body whether you like it or not is her choice.

#2 Aren't we in the time of "loving your body"? So, why are we shaming Kim for loving her body? She had her bits covered.

#3 If she were overweight and posted the photo she would get the same response she is currently getting plus some I believe.

#4 What if this photo were a "survival" photo from say a disease, or self harm, etc and it showed scars from a treatment or healing from cutting with the caption of what she overcame? Would you respond in the same way?

#5 Similar photos are posted every single day on social media, why do you feel the need to shame her and not others? Is it because of who she is? Is it because its how your hiding how you really feel about yourself, so your hurting her to make yourself feel better? OR Do you really care or are you just following the crowd?

#6 The photo could have been a little more tasteful; I mean they do make phone stands these days and phones have the ability to take a picture using a timer, so she could have instead of covering her bits with black lines could have just posed differently and shared a more tasteful photo.

#7 As a mother, my biggest question is what is she going to do when her son hits his teenage years and sees these photos himself or his friends pull them up? No kid wants to see their parents naked no matter how pristine they look. Her daughter may not have the same build as her, she may look completely different and could instead of feeling empowered by her mothers photos feel less and like she has to meet those standards to be a beautiful person.

#8 I understand why people take photos like these, however I don't understand the huge need for attention from social media. She could have just took the photo for herself and shared it privately to select people, however she took it and shared it with the world. I just find it a strange way to present yourself, it's like her words and actions don't line up to me.

#9 Similar to #5, we see photos like this all the time whether it be movies, television, books, magazines, or ads; so why get so upset over her photo and not others?!

#10 She is a beautiful woman, however, is sharing a nude photo the only way to share your beauty and sexuality? Is that the right way to present yourself or share your beliefs on womanhood to girls and women alike? Your beauty should shine from within, not because you took a nude photo and your body looks flawless. It's like she's telling them to flaunt their body and they will get "likes"...

#11 When people post photos like this on a social platform they are attention seeking, if people weren't so into them because of their looks they wouldn't be so famous, and if they aren't famous then they are just an everyday person...Regardless of what Kim says about why she posted the photo I don't feel she did it for any other reason than attention. Actions speak louder than words, and hers just don't line up to me.

Overall, regardless of my thoughts, she has the right as woman to do with her body whatever she wants to do. All women do. That's the great thing about freedom and equality. I feel shaming a person for how they look is wrong in all forms, and she truly doesn't have to explain the photo to anyone. If you don't like the photo don't look, if you do, well great for you. I just think this family has enough publicity already why do we need to feed into it anymore?! Just stop acknowledging them. I mean it's to each his own I guess, I just think this is one of those stupid uproars that really gets nowhere and changes nothing, no real benefit to society in this argument.

What have been your thoughts on this subject? 

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