Monday, March 21, 2016

Things I Procrastinate On

Procrastination and I are decent friends. There are things in this life I just don't want to do, and since I don't want to do them I typically try to avoid it at all costs until it cannot be avoided any more. Here the things I procrastinate on now that I am an adult. 

  • Making my bed; I don't see why I need to do this if in 12 or so hours I will be right back in it...
  • Cleaning the bathroom; I hate cleaning the bathroom, I force myself to do though once a week.
  • Mopping; I hate mopping. It makes my back hurt. 
  • Grocery Shopping; I will wait until everything  is gone before I go back to the dreaded grocery store. I feel like it takes the majority of my money anyways.
  • Filing Invoices; last weekend I had 2 file folders bursting because I needed to sort the invoices out and file them in different folders at work...I hate doing this. Currently they are sorted but sitting by my door because I didn't go to work last week because my kids were sick.
  • Putting Away Laundry; I don't mind washing it or folding it, but I hate putting away. 
  • Buying Myself Things; I will make a million excuses not to buy myself something until I just cannot wait anymore, this included under garments and pajamas.
  • Cleaning My Car; I do this every few months, but my kids sure know how to make a mess in my car...I think I have a sandbox in the back.
  • Spring Cleaning; I clean out my house all year, I go room by room. However real cleaning that involves dusting and cleaning windows, well, I will save that for another day.
  • Appointments for Myself; I hate appointments, I hate making myself appointments and feeling forced to be somewhere. 
  • Replacing Things; I broke a wooden cooking spoon, and threw it away, my husband finally forced me to buy another one, a whole $3 spoon....And the mailbox door opener is broken, I know this, but for two weeks now I haven't went to Lowes to buy another one because I don't want to spend money on a mailbox...I am sure my mail person hates me.
  • Clearing Out My Phone; then I wonder why I need more storage...
I am sure I could go on an on but I will save your from that...What are you bad at procrastinating on?

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