Wednesday, March 23, 2016

This Is Awkward | Written By Sammy Rhodes

This Is Awkward by Sammy Rhodes is an AMAZING book! First, I am going to say that this book is pretty much a link to a mans awkwardness, however with that being said it seems geared towards men rather than women; I’ve never met a woman who doesn’t like to share things from the new shoes they bought to why they cheated on so and so…men typically don’t like to express themselves; Within this book the author shares things that many people in general don’t like to talk about within a Christian community, it’s like certain things are off limits there. I love how he brings up divorce, depression, and even porn because let’s be real here, in today’s society those are typical things rather than many many years ago where that was pretty much unheard of. One of my favorite things from this book is a quote from Downton Abbey where the Dowager Countess says “Everyone goes down the aisle with half the story hidden.” I think this is true in any situation for everyone; there are just parts of ourselves that we let remain hidden from the people around us like little secrets that we only share with ourselves. I think this book is amazing and a fantastic read to everyone, it shares insight to those odd topics that nobody wants to talk about with a real truth in them. I felt like I was having a chat with a friend rather than reading a book!

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