Monday, March 07, 2016

What Do You Mean It's Not Hot Chocolate Season?

Hi, my name is Kristen, and I have too many mugs; so in that case, I am buying these two to add to my already overflowing stash.

Its Sunday afternoon, right after Gaby's birthday; she got money and wanted to spend it before it burned a hole in her pocket. One of our favorite things to do is check in on our local Goodwill. On our visit I found two coffee mugs that I just to had to have, they were a whole 99 cents each. Can't beat that price right?! 

Well, you see the girl at the checkout looked at me kind of funny when I plopped them on the counter, I just ignored it thinking she was in a bad mood or something. After scanning the other few things we had collected she got to the mugs, she looked at me and said " Nice mugs, but isn't it warming up too much for them?"


Uh, what?! 

Are you talking to me?!


"Girl, I'm a mom of four and this is the cup of sanity that fuels my brain; I use my mugs for mostly coffee but sometimes there is tea or hot chocolate that I might need depending on the day or hour." I replied quickly and somewhat sternly as to imply that the question asked was an awful question; especially since I had a kid with me anyways. 

So, let's all presume that it's hot chocolate, coffee, or tea season all year long; that way I don't have to explain why I am buying another mug for 99 cents at my local thrift shop. 

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