Friday, April 22, 2016

5 Things For Friday | Weather. Makeup. Dress. Hair. Babies.

YAY for Friday! I am SO excited for the weekend, as usual, but lets be honest, who isn't? This week got away from me, I had plans to get some posts ready last weekend but yea, that just didn't happen, and to be real, when I get home the last thing I want to do is is type some more. You hurt feelings. 

Anyways, lets get on to today's post...

#1 I got the Tartelette 2 In Bloom palette for my birthday from my mama; I was SO happy to get home to something pretty one night. I have been really loving it, the colors are beautiful and are great for daily wear. Thanks Mom!

#2 I ordered THIS makeup carousel on Amazon and while I am still waiting for it, I am super excited to get it. It will make my mornings much easier since I don't have a makeup station or vanity to use; I figure it can sit on my little armour and still look really neat. 

#3 I have been loving this comfy casual dress from Old Navy; I bought both colors; they are perfect for Spring and Summer, so comfy and you can wear them leggings too, its a win win. 

#4 Now that my hair is longer I can finally do things with it you guys; I have been searching for neat and easy ways to wear my hair these days. I found some good things on Pinterest and YouTube that I am hoping to try out soon.

#5 Warm weather; yesterday and today the weather here is supposed to be super nice, and I am beyond happy. I am so ready for the warmth of Spring here in CO that I cannot stand it. I hate knowing back home in NC the weather is already beautiful and I cannot enjoy it. Bittersweet.

Just for fun...

#6 My sister is due to have her 1st baby in May, its a boy!!!! And I am SO excited to be an aunt again, I cannot wait to meet this little guy and kiss him to death.

Happy Friday Loves!

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