Friday, April 15, 2016

5 Things For Friday

We have made it to Friday!

This week seemed like a fight to get to this day; I have no real reason as to why but it sure took a lot of work...or so it seems.

Here are my top 5 highlights from the week; I wish you all a fantastic weekend full of sunshine and fun with your loved ones!

#1 Isaiah's 7th birthday was Wednesday; it was so much FUN! We made homemade pizza, ate some oreo cheesecake, and got to see his little face light up when he opened his presents, one of which was a huge basketball goal...He was in shock that he actually got the one present he asked for, and it was heart warming to see how excited he was.

#2 Chic-Fil-A; you guys, I am a avid lover of Chic-Fil-A, like if we eat fast food that is the spot to go. I have been loving their Avocado Lime Ranch on the wrap...its AMAZING! There is nothing like it and you MUST try it out. I have never had an avocado before, but let me just say I am addicted.

#3 Gifts for no reason; Jim went out to get Isaiah's birthday gift one night on his way home and he ended up buying me THIS really pretty candle holder, its beautiful. He said while he was in the checkout two people asked him where he found it and they ran off to find one themselves. I was shocked because I had no idea he was doing that, it was no special occasion for me so I didn't expect it, those are the gifts I LOVE most.

#4 I got two strange but appreciated compliments this week; someone told me that I have beautiful skin, and someone else told me they loved my eyebrows...both unexpected, strange, and observant but I was thankful that someone noticed something other than my clothes or hair or voice...I mean I will take compliments in any form or strangeness...

#5 Its FRIDAY! Do you hear that?! Its my pajama's calling...I cannot wait to throw on my old pajama's, lay on the couch, and watch Merlin. I may stop at Chic-Fil-A too just because I am now thinking about the whole wrap thing...


#6 Speaking of Merlin, have you watched Merlin on Netflix?! If  you haven't, then I highly suggest it...its a show that sucks you in and keeps you in...I might cry when I watch the final season, I am SO shocked that I had never heard of this show before or watched it sooner. FANTASTIC!

Have a wonderful weekend loves...

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