Friday, April 08, 2016

Work Update | April MMXVI

Happy April Loves! I wanted to take today to just pop in and catch up some. How have you been doing? I have been running around like crazy! Well, crazy is an understatement. Since I started filling in around the shop I have been nonstop. Between work and home I just cannot seem to find time to pop into this little chunk of the inter-web. 


I have learned a lot. I have met new people. I have figured out the computer for the most part. I am forced to talk to people these days whether in person or via phone rather than lounge at home which I LOVE more than I thought I would. 

I am constantly getting compliments and most people have took to me well. Its hard when you own a business that is typically centered around the guys like we do (its a transmission and auto shop) however, the parts drivers, uniform people, and such generally like talking to me. 

I would say being an owner is the hardest thing though; its hard finding a balance between work and home, knowing when to just stop and leave and realizing the jobs we have to do are still going to be here in the morning when we show up.

Overall though, I do like having a "job" these days, its giving me something to do, something to learn, and experience in something I would have otherwise never knew about.

Hows life treating you?

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