Friday, May 27, 2016

A Letter to the Person Who Hit Us and Ran | Hit & Run

Hi, its good to see you woke up this morning, alive and breathing; we did too, even after the endless hours of my toddler asking if the police had caught you yet, and the vivid reenactment of my dreams of the events that took place Thursday evening.

Lets recap shall we?!

Thursday was unlike any other for me; I had to work, and since school is out for the summer and my husband and I own our own business all of our four precious loves were with us. While the day took on a life of its own between answering endless phone calls and making estimates for clients it stormed; the rain was nice to look at on our cameras, hearing the thunder was somewhat soothing considering it rarely storms where we live. Come five o' clock I was ready to head out because it dawned on me that our dog was still outside and she doesn't much care for the weather we were having. I said a round of goodbyes and loaded up my four loves into the car like any other day; we buckled up, and headed towards home. The traffic was really slow, we sat on Austin Bluffs for what seemed like hours while it was really only about 30 minutes, mainly because the lane we were in had a massive cement truck in it and the lights kept changing right before it had time to move on through. It was no big deal really, we were talking anyways, mostly about dinner, and the kids wondering if they could have a "sleepover" downstairs; something that happens often around our house in the summer...

We finally made it to Academy, we turned right like usual and headed toward home; about a quarter way down the road the light had changed to red, everyone was stopping, I was in the center the lane and needed the left lane, I checked my mirrors, turned on my blinker and moved over into the left lane; as the cars were still coming to a stop in front of me, I checked my rear view mirror as always, I seen you coming, but I didn't think anything much of it, the rain was slowing down and I knew all of my lights were working, meaning you could see that we were all stopped; but, that is not the case, instead of stopping, you slammed into us, so hard that it busted out my hatch window with a huge explosion type sound, jarred us all forward, and crunched the back of my car where two of my babies were sitting; you preceded to drive up the fight side of my car causing all the doors to seal shut and breaking my side view mirror, once you realized my car wasn't going to move any further you jumped in front of us and took off turning down a side road; I though for sure you were going into the gas station, however you just kept driving; while I kept my cool, and made it to a safe place to pull off the main road while my kids are crying and I am trying to figure out what I should do, you just kept driving...

You see, I wasn't worried about my car, I wasn't worried about myself, I was worried about those four innocent lives that you could have taken from me in a split second because of your immature driving and carelessness. I was angry because you kept driving, not even checking to see if we were ok, not pulling off to call 9-1-1 even to report an accident, not taking responsibility for your actions. Thank God that He kept us safe, that He helped me keep my cool, that He surrounded us with His arms to save us from you...I am also thankful that I was able to call my husband, and friends to help us out in our time of need, that regardless of the rain, regardless of work, regardless of everything else, people were there...while you just kept driving.

An officer finally showed up, he was very nice and understanding...He deemed it YOUR fault by the way...he also called me later in the night to tell me you still hadn't turned yourself in or reported an accident...

When we finally made it home, our dog was soaked and cold in the rain...our kids were scared, some still crying, we ordered pizza to save some sanity and help take our kids minds off of the event that just happened...they had their "sleepover"...I curled up under a blanket on a comfy sofa and watched River Monsters with my husband...the night drifted on for us. Before bed, my husband checked on our babies, they were sound asleep, safe in their home, safe from your recklessness. 

You see, while my car is totaled, and I have to now deal with insurance, and the frustration of having only one vehicle that doesn't even fit our family, and the stress of finding a new car, I cannot imagine what your dealing with...wondering if the police have seen you, wondering if we are ok, wondering if you took a life, wondering of the unknown must be one of the hardest things in your life. I feel like you should suffer for your recklessness, you should never be able to drive again because you left the scene of an accident, however, I am not angry at you, I feel sorry for you; It must be exhausting putting yourself before others, only thinking of you, always looking over your shoulder, and not knowing if we are ok. 

But, don't worry, we are ok. We will be fine, one day, my kids will vaguely remember this whole thing...we will get a new car, I can return to work, and our life we return to our normal. 

"And the beat goes on, the beat goes on; drums keep pounding a rhythem to the brain; la de da de de, la de da de da" | Sonny & Cher Beat Goes On

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