Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Favorites & a Rant

Happy Friday Loves! What a week it has been, I have been busy with work and my kids’ end of school events so posting hasn’t been high on the list. With that said, I wanted to pop in today and share some Friday Favorites & a Rant, let’s get started!

#1 I have been in LOVE with the new Maybelline Brow Duo Pencil & Powder; this thing is amaze balls, it actually works really well while not making your brows look fake or cakey. I wasn’t much into doing my brows until a few years ago and this little gem at the drugstore is hands down my favorite.

#2 I bought the new Better Homes & Gardens limited edition Pink Sugar Berry candles at Wal-Mart for the office at work, they smell SO good. While it says its pink berries it honestly smells like blueberries. Everyone has been asking me about it so that says something. They are under $6 in my store, and I plan to buy a few more since they smell so good.

#3 Headbands, they have been my go to hair style lately. I was at my local grocery store and happened to see a few by Karina which is a brand I see at Ulta and this one grocery store here, anyways, I found a gold metallic one and fell in love. This brand has really neat hair accessories that are really affordable, totally worth checking out.

#4 I have been loving watching YouTube videos before I go to sleep; I like to catch up on there and see what people are sharing; I am subscribed to Allana Davison’sChannel and she did a Blake Lively Inspired Makeup Tutorial using all L’Oreal products from the drugstore the other day; you guys, it’s gorgeous and SO simple, I am really wanting to try it out myself as a daily look for work.

#5 My summer has started! It’s official, my kids are done with school for the summer and we are beyond happy to have a break from the school work, events, after school activities, etc…It’s been a long year and a lot has happened, they have all changed so much and learned so much. My sweet girl is going into middle school next year; her elementary school graduation is today!

#6 One Rant this Week: Blake  Lively, why does she have to get so much backlash over a photo caption? I don’t understand why everything has to be taken out of context; can't people just be proud of their bodies and have fun?! Just sayin! | I'm not even linking the articles, they are all over the place, I just think this is the dumbest thing to argue over...

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and weekend to follow; see you guys next week!

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