Monday, May 02, 2016

How I Stay Sane At Work | Most Days

Being an owner has its perks, but lets be real, everything rests on your shoulders. Some days are harder than others, and I am the only woman there; the whole place reeks of men, but its a Automotive Shop so I can't expect much. There are some things I do to make it a little more appealing to myself though...

#1 Organize it all | Since I am the main one in the office I organize it to my liking...I cannot stand things being all over place and I want it to look nice when people come in, so organization is key.

#2 Post It Notes |  they are life saving, you can stick them everywhere; they come in handy when I making estimates or need to remind myself or someone else of something.

#3 Candles | I replace the candles weekly; the office must smell good, I cannot breathe the serious stuff that comes out of peoples cars all day...

#4 Coffee | if I haven't had it yet, most likely I won't be your friend.

#5 When there is down time throughout the day I use it look to browse my favorite spots online, it helps me to do something for myself.

#6 Move it | I get out of my chair as much as possible, if I can walk I sure gets the blood flowing.

#7 Dress Up |I will NOT go to work without being 100% ready, I feel naked without earrings. Knowing I look nice helps me as a person.

#8 Set Goals for the week | Jim and I know which cars will be done for whatever week we are in, we schedule things accordingly too. It helps to not have a mad house all week long.

#9 Music | the guys play music all day long, the walls are not sound proof and so I can hear it, usually I like the music they play and it helps pass the day...

#10 Lighten Up | its good to joke around and know when to let loose in our field, it helps pass the day and gets others to laugh. We all bounce off each other really well with our personalities so we can joke all day long and keep the laughs flowing.

Work can be fun, it doesn't all have to be so serious as most people make it, get to know your co-workers, do things for yourself, make your space a good space for you, and you I think you will win at work...

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