Thursday, June 16, 2016

There Will Be Stars | Billy Coffey

I’m going to start this off with saying that I really dislike giving negative reviews; I really want to like everything I come in contact with however, that is just not possible. I thought that I would branch out a little and choose different genre of book when selecting this one for review, and I am not very thrilled with it. The book itself is really nice, I love the cover designs and that it’s a hefty book that takes a little time to get through however, the author’s writing style is just not one that I really liked.  The story line is about a man who lives in a smaller town, he’s a mechanic and has twin boys, his wife leaves him for someone she thinks is better but leaves the kids with him. He is the town drunk to plainly state it; the book follows his last day and how he was drinking and driving with his boys, something I found to be typical of him and it talks about people he meets and by the end of the book the man changes his ways. The struggle to actually follow the book is something that I wasn’t expecting; I have never heard of author before, but after looking at his other books find them to be just as odd. I don’t suggest this book but, to each his own.

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