Monday, July 18, 2016

Ten Things That Go Through My Head On Monday Mornings

My Mondays start off pretty typical; there generally isn't anything happening out of the ordinary, so its pretty  routine so to speak. Today I wanted to share ten things that go through my head on a Monday morning...

  1. What is that terrible noise?! It's my alarm, and its awful; on purpose of course, but it takes me three alarms to actually get up in the mornings and I typically only hear the third one. 
  2. Is it really time to get up?! It's still dark outside...looking at my phone at 5 am. 
  3. Wonder what I will wear today; I live in leggings, black leggings, and a cute top but sometimes I will change it up to shorts or a maxi dress. 
  4. Are the kids still asleep?...I really hope they sleep until seven; I need time to get my hair dry and have coffee before I get questioned about the day even though its the same as all other days we have around here. 
  5. I should let the dog out to pee; bless her, I bet she really needs to go.
  6. Do I even have coffee to drink, did I buy K-Cups?
  7. Do I have time to curl my hair this morning?
  8. I have to remember to grab lunch from the fridge, its usually leftovers from dinner, which means it'll be good.
  9. Dang the kids are awake....I've thirty minutes before its out the door.
  10. Sh*t, did I even do my own laundry?
Being a mom, I have a million questions for myself on any given day at any given time...the mornings are mine, I tend to be up and ready before my kids even wake up and we have to be out the door by seven thirty to head to work, and they are with me since its summer. I am sure many of you can relate whether you have kids or not...Happy Monday peeps!

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