Wednesday, August 09, 2017

30 Things to Know About Me!

Hi Guys! Its been a while....sorry....sometimes life just gets ahead of me these days. I thought it would be fun to share some interesting things about me, some you may know some you might not; I am currently at work, sitting at my desk listening to Jaime Grace Radio on my phone...

  1. My feet are claustrophobic; I wear flip flops year round, even when it snows; if I have to wear full shoes I opt for booties or floral print canvas shoes instead. 
  2. When it comes to shoes, I cannot walk in heels to save my life...I always choose a small heel or booties over legit heels any day.
  3. I have dyed my hair since middle school, I'm really blonde and have always dyed my hair brown; its currently blonde thanks to my sister who did it for me while I was in NC in July...
  4. Speaking of hair, I will let it grow out and and then chop it off to donate and just regrow it back
  5. Floral print is my favorite
  6. My favorite staple color is black
  7. I love cats
  8. Candles are my favorite, Bath & Body Works are my favorite
  9. Game of Thrones anyone?!
  10. Merlin is also one of the best shows ever made...
  11. Earrings are my favorite type of jewelry
  12. I'm currently reading I Choose the Sky by Emily Wilson
  13. My favorite meal is lunch
  14. Speaking of food, I can eat pasta like no ones business
  15. I won't eat steak unless my other half makes it
  16. Currently watching Penny Dreadful
  17. Fall is my favorite season
  18. Target and I are besties
  19. My favorite jeans are from Old Navy, you can find them over here
  20. Plaid is a staple when it comes to clothing
  21. Coffee is a need not a want, iced or hot doesn't matter
  22. I like Pepsi over Coke, but if I had to choose I would take sweet tea over it all
  23. I am a die hard beach fan any day...while we live in the Rockies I get to go home once a year to salty hair and sandy toes
  24. While I love the beach I hate seafood, all seafood
  25. I love camping
  26. Hashbrowns are my favorite breakfast food
  27. Cheese can go on anything
  28. When it comes to snacks I love chips and salsa
  29. I love false lashes, my favorites are these over here; however, when I am not wearing them I love this mascara by Clinique...
  30. I have awful vision and wear contacts; without them I cant see right in front of my face, its like looking at tv that doesn't have signal
How has your summer been? Anything new going on your way? Share something about yourself in the comments and lets start a convo!

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